About Laevo

LAEVO BV develops, produces and sells an exoskeleton called Laevo. An exoskeleton is a hard structure that supports and protects a body, think about the hard shell of a lobster. But in this case the Laevo supports and protects the human body. The Laevo is designed to alleviate, reduce and/or prevent work related back pain. Back pain as a direct result of working in a static forward bended work position and/or a dynamic forward bending and lifting of additional weight.

The Laevo has unique, patented features including the spring system, the self-assembly build-up and the way it moves with the body while walking or bending side-ways. We started selling the Laevo in the BeNeLux, and France in 2015 and in 2016 we started serving the rest of the world, to companies in the US, Europe and Asia. We are currently used in 13 countries around the world. We can be found in the Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Industry and Warehousing & Logistic sector, soon we will enter the Health care sector. Find out what else Laevo does to improve workplace health and workplace productivity.

Come and see us at EWTS and try one on yourself.