The Vision Becomes Reality – Frictionless Visibility

In today’s business environment, the enterprise advantage lies with access to the right information, to the right person, at the right time and in the right medium. In the fast approaching 4th Industrial Revolution, there will be a strong confluence of the physical and digital worlds. Cloud intelligence will connect places, people and things to transform data digestion and user experiences from hand held to hands free, unleashing a new era of experience and productivity. There will exist a sharp departure of computer hardware simply collecting data, to an interactive system that will allow users to sense, analyze and act upon a collection of data in real time.

As both a pioneer and a thought leader in wearable enterprise technology, Zebra is looking at this transition by focusing on the overall solution ecosystem with industry partners. We believe these future observations will come to fruition for our customers and our partners:

  • Intelligent cloud systems will trigger a reset juggernaut among traditional enterprise models.
  • We can clearly visualize an unfolding of this vast new digital world, and wholly believe in the power of enhancing the enterprise’s physical reality to deliver relevant information at the point of activity.
  • New services will grow as new VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technology sets reach the masses.
  • Enterprises will be the first to benefit from this upcoming shift, embodied in heads-up wearable systems, as these devices represent a first step towards this convergent automation.
  • Businesses must prepare for a change in the very future of work – the introduction of new skillsets to support drone farming, virtual construction, robotic triage and trauma care, and ethereal field engineering.

It’s certainly an exciting time, as we cover what’s possible to our customers, and trail blaze new wearable technology solutions to the global marketplace.